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Tokenization as a service

Launch your own digital asset tokenization platform

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Your own tokenization platform

Kriptown puts its technology at your disposal, so that together you can create your own tokenization platform in compliance with the regulatory environment.

Kriptown helps you avoid...

Human costs (development manpower) and platform management costs

Implementation and management of a resilient and secure IT system

Difficulties accessing banking services

Regulatory challenges (PSAN, ICO, LCB-FT, Cybersecurity...)

And provides you with regulatory and technological solidity

The only player in Europe able to offer a supervised B2B platform for the issuance (primary market), use and trading (secondary market) of digital assets denominated in fiat currency €.

100% digital platform: onboarding, payments, IBAN accounts, utilization, real time transactions, order book

Security, traceability and reliability thanks to blockchain

Would you like to...

→ Fragment the ownership of works of art, luxury items (watches, handbags...) or musical works...

→ Offer your community the chance to acquire part of it via digital assets

→ Hosting a bourse...

Our SaaS solution makes it possible.

Why tokenize my project with Kriptown?

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Kriptown is a 100% digital platform using a private blockchain. Transactions are carried out in euros, and each user account is linked to a personal payment account at Mangopay.

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Regulatory strength

An established regulatory framework: Kriptown is registered as a Service Provider on Digital Assets (PSAN) with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (n° E2022-030) and is also an Issuer of Electronic Money agent with the Luxembourg CSSF.

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A 24/7 marketplace where you can exchange digital assets in real time or benefit from their use.

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Cost control

Attractive pricing with no set-up costs for better cost control.

How do I get started?

The various steps leading to your tokenization platform.

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Definition of your strategy and live demonstration of the platform

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Duration: 3 to 5 weeks (includes a weekly meeting with our dev teams and a final feedback meeting)

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It's up to you! Members of your community register online, fund their own euro accounts and buy the digital assets offered on your platform.

The possibilities thanks to your platform

Primary market
Secondary market
Page shop
Evaluation of the product or service to be marketed
Listing digital assets on the secondary market
Exclusive benefits for your beneficiaries
Launch of the marketing campaign
Liquidity of digital assets
Exchanging digital assets for the product or service
Issuance of digital assets and distribution to purchasers
Real-time secondary market trading: buy and sell orders in a portfolio management approach
Retention and loyalty
Regulatory framework

Kriptown est enregistrée auprès de l'Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) en qualité de prestataire de services numériques actifs (PSAN) sous le numéro E202-030, pour les services de :

  • Storage on behalf of third parties

  • Buying or selling digital assets in legal tender

  • Operating a trading platform

Application stricte de la  5ème Directive anti-blanchiment.
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Kriptown is registered as an agent of the electronic money institution (EMI) Mangopay, with the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier du Luxembourg (CSSF).

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Our offer

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A complete platform

Kriptown is PSAN and EME agent

Rapid installation in less than 2 months

Dedicated support

Primary and secondary markets and Boutique page

Photograph of two people in front of a PC to symbolize the support offered.

Turnkey services

KYC procedures

Hosting management

Technical and regulatory management

Tokenization as a service : ils vous racontent...

Image of Dorian Cauvas

Dorian Cauvas

CEO de Fairplayer

Nous avons lancer notre plateforme de tokenisation afin de permettre à nos clients d'acquérir, de manière simple et autonome, des “Fan Tokens” et ainsi leur offrir l'accès à des exclusivités de leurs clubs sportifs préférés.

I have an idea for a project to Tokenize

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Kriptown is a société par actions simplifiée (simplified joint stock company) with capital of 517,859.61 euros, registered with the RCS of Paris under number 838 268 415. LEI code 89450020TYDWWXJSZX23.

Kriptown is registered with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) as a digital asset service provider, for the services of custody of digital assets on behalf of third parties, purchase or sale of digital assets in legal tender, and operation of a digital asset trading platform under number E2022-030.

Kriptown is an agent of the electronic money institution Mangopay SA. Mangopay is registered as an Electronic Money Institution with the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier du Luxembourg (CSSF).

High volatility of digital asset prices. The capital invested is not guaranteed. Any investment may result in a partial or total loss of capital.

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