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The concept

Do you need to strengthen your equity with a minimum amount of 100,000€?
le process « Seed & pré-série A ».

Unite your community through an operation open to all, with contributions starting at 1€.

How does it work?

Make an appointment with one of our experts
Conduct your due-diligence*.
Prepare your campaign with our teams
Raise your funds!

Your fundraising campaign with Kriptown


Pricing that fits your operation


A transaction involving a single shareholder


Legal, communication, due diligence, visibility...


An answer to your application within 48 hours

Digital assets for all your subscribers

By raising funds through Kriptown, your subscribers will receive digital assets in exchange for their contribution.
These assets will give them access to your company's Shop page and secondary market.


Propose to your customers to support you and offer them in return a discount, a good or an exchangeable service.
An opportunity to increase your sales and build customer loyalty.

Secondary market

A secondary market opens at the end of your subscription period.
Subscribers can exchange their assets.
un cabinet d'avocats, un expert comptable et un cabinet d'audit

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