Market Maker

Description of DeltaBlock's activity

Kriptown has mandated the company DELTABLOCK, SAS whose registered office is located at 40, avenue Parmentier, 75011 Paris and registered under the number 848 794 178 RCS Paris to provide liquidity to our users.<br /><br />Deltablock is a French company founded by Maria (Ex J.P. Morgan, former trader and portfolio manager expert in illiquid markets) and Hamza (Former quant, Phd in applied mathematics and former associate researcher at Sorbonne University and Cambridge University).<br /><br />Deltablock will, thanks to a proprietary algorithm, provide liquidity on all tokens present on the Kriptown platform. Thus we use algorithms whose goal is to promote, for a given security, the liquidity of the market and the regularity of its quotations while avoiding price shifts not justified by the market trend. Deltablock's objective is to maintain a maximum difference between the bid and ask prices of each token with an order depth adjusted according to the dynamics of the order book.<br /><br />Given the sensitivity of such an operation, this activity will be highly supervised. Any profits or losses made by the algorithm as a result of its activity are returned/charged to Kriptown. In addition, Kriptown provides Deltablock with the inventory necessary for its activity. This means that Deltablock has no incentive to see the price of tokens rise or fall. This is to prevent any conflict of interest or price manipulation.